Scope of the Conference/CALL FOR PAPER

Biodiversity, Conservation in Marshes Environment: including the following aspects microorganisms, animals, insects and plants, biodiversity loss, conservation policy and regulations.

Water and Wastewater Treatment: including the following aspects biological, chemical and physical treatment, green technologies, water pollution, water quality management, photo-electrochemistry, desalination, membrane technology, petrochemical treatment technologies.

Environmental Effect on Health: including the following aspects pollution (water, air, soil), climate changes on the health of animal, plants and human, health implications and monitoring of air, water and soil pollutants, communicable diseases, disease spread, control and prevention.

Environmental Sustainability: including the following aspects life cycle analysis, recycling of solid wastes, clean manufacturing practices, energy-efficient equipment design, reducing hazardous emissions.

Water Resources Management and Remote Sensing: including the following aspects hydrology, planning, developing, distribution, hydrology and remote sensing, natural and human hazard monitoring and management, environmental quality monitoring and environmental pollution control.

Earth and Sediment Sciences.

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