About the Marshes Research Centre

The Marshes Research Center was established at University of Thiqar in 2004.The areas of the marshes are distinguished by unique characteristics that rarely meet in another region, which made it necessary to establish a center concerned with studies of the marshes. Accordingly, our center was established, which drew for itself an ambitious research plan that the center’s staff would participate in implementing in cooperation with the scientific staff in the University of Thiqar and other universities as well as relevant state departments Relevance to the Marshes. The role of the Marshes Research Center was not limited to research inside the university of Thiqar, but it took upon itself to practice an effective and influential role in society through various scientific, and cultural activities with its efficient scientific staff. As our center recorded an active and distinguished presence in most activities and events with governmental and non-governmental departments in various sectors. The Marshes Research Center focuses on the support of the marsh community and it works on the achievement of its requirements

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